Joanne M. Harse

Co-founder and Principal, Joanne Harse serves as Concept’s corporate president.  She is an honors graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Business Administration.  With diverse business experience in manufacturing and data processing, Joanne brings extraordinary insight to her direct involvement in many client relationships.  Joanne’s primary emphasis is on marketing activities for profit and non-profit clients, including direct marketing endeavors, membership acquisition and retention, premium and incentive offerings and overall marketing strategy.  She also manages the administrative affairs of the firm.  She currently serves as an officer and member of the board of the Nebraska Lakes Association.

R. Brad Harse  

Co-founder and Principal, Brad Harse holds Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees from the University of Nebraska College of Business Administration.  Prior to his full time affiliation with Concept Marketing, Brad was active in the media manufacturing and recording industry worldwide.  As president & CEO of a leading technology and manufacturing firm in that industry, he acquired extensive international contacts and management experience.   His principal participation in the firm is with the managerial, marketing, sales and international trade requirements of specific clients, including off-shore sourcing and import – export issues.  Brad serves or has served as a member of the Boards of Directors of International Tape & Disc Association, WBL Association, and Nebraska Lakes Association.

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